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What is Platform CMS all about?

Platform CMS is a family of website Content Management Systems (CMS) created specifically for your business. In short, it’s a website that offers you far more than just a ‘presence’ on the web.

Embedded within the Platform CMS framework are powerful features that enable your business to get the most out of the Internet:

You’re in control - Upload and remove text and images yourself, using a simple back-end interface, giving you the power to make your content as dynamic as you want.

A powerful marketing tool - Keep in constant contact with your clients using the newsletter function, generate traffic by publishing articles on the blogging facilities or simply keep track of how many people are frequenting your website using the comprehensive web statisitcs module... to name a few.

A business tool - Use Platform CMS to keep your staff informed, or manage bookings and orders from clients. Ok, that sounds great, but it must be expensive right?

That sounds great, but it's expensive right?

Not so. Platform CMS utilizes a combination of the best Opensource (free) software available from around the world. All the software used is extensively researched and tested to give you the best final product. This enables us to deliver a package that gives you amazing value at a highly competitive price.

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A Seemless flow of information

Platform CMS acts as a channel for a seemless flow of information, from Business to clients and vice versa.


Platform CMS, Content Management Platform
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