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1] How do I know its any good, Can I try it?
Yes you can, we can arrange an on-line demo. Show you an example website and run you through the features and functionality of Platfom CMS. ...request demo...

2] Am I tied into a contract? What if I want to pull out?
No, there is no contract involved. If you wanted to leave the platform service at any point we would just need a months notice. You also have the option to export your website data.

3] How expandable is Platform CMS?
Platform is build on a framework that is design with expansion in mind. We are constantly looking for way to enhance Platform with new modules so as you business grows, platform keeps up. There is no limit to the amount of content pages that can be added to Platform CMS

4] How long will it take to get my website up?
We aim for a 7 14 days turn around from start to finish, this greatly depends our your requirements and how complicated your project is.

5] What Operating Systems do you support?
Platform is operating system independent. It is fully web based and is hosted online, allowing you to take full advantage of the Internet.

6] What browsers will Platform CMS support?
Platform is built to perform on the majority of web browsers, ranging from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox to Opera. Platform is continually being optimized to allow for cross browser compatibility.

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